Pilot Project

The Association of Life Long Learning (ALLL) with 9 membership organizations, the Norwegian Agency for Lifelong Learning "VOX", EGT and supported be the EEA/Norwegian Financial Mechanism established the pilot program, in which were 9 Open Learning Centres in 2010. 

The sites of the pilot program

About the NYITOK project:

Our mission is to promote employability, active citizenship and to contribute to the development of social inclusion locally by turning Life Long Learning into practice and by providing operative strategies in this field to our member organisations. Moreover, the centres can have a positive effect on social integration and community development, and they may contribute to skills and employability development on local level and between our memberships and gestor organisations.

Open Learning Centre will be able to give answer for adults’ claims, needs and develop basic skills, which help adults with in everyday life by embedded learning.

Open Learning Centres are in the city centre, guided by a Learning Councellor and a Learning integrator and available for adults free. After finishing a Learning program participants will get a certificate, which certify what kind of competences obtained and recognized on labour market officially. 

Open Learning Centre in Rozsály

Summary of the pilot project:

  • Increase employment and competitiveness obtainable by developing competences.
  • Adults who have negative experience in non-formal learning or education should be involved into the project; however, conventional way of learning is not capable for it.
  • The Learning Programs should be organised with our memberships and gestor organisations considering social necessities, employability development on local level.
  • The Open Learning Centres’ environment should be motivate and available for everybody. 
  • The strengthening of the social reception and the usage of innovative adult education methods (for instance, learning from each other) necessary and every part of the social streaks must be taken into the learning process. 
  • To ensure the learning programs need a baldy learning integrator in every Open Learning Centres.
  • Required a network system with the local service providers to assistance the centres (professional, administration, etc.).
  • Professional assistance must be covered to do the methodological matters and trainings for the staff of the learning centres. 
  • Knowledge Centre must be disposed for the open learning centres.