Service Centre


Ensure the services of Knowledge Centre. Professional Service Centre and the Knowledge Centre elaborate and implement the training program for the staff of Learning Centres.

Functions of the Professional Service Centre:

  1. Support the staff of Regional
    Continuous professional support to the Regional offices, for instance: meetings, trainings, analyse situations, ensure professional consultation, online helpdesk.

  2. Support the Open Learning Centres, development of the network of NYITOK
    The other main goal of the Service Centre is to elaborate and implement of a training program for the staff of Learning Centres. Furthermore, ensure trainings and proposals for the staff of the Learning Centres. Hereby, they will be able to solve their problems and be able to give answers for the participants by:

    - mentor skills
    - regional workshops
    - online helpdesk
    - building network between the 50 Centres
    - Facilitate sustainability for the future